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The Birth of Indio

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In the year 2012, Jonathan Martinez would take over the family kitchen to brew all of the creations in his head from hops, flavors to interesting and delicious combinations. Every time he brewed he fell in love more and more with the art. Countless hours of researching and experimenting brought him to the place he is here today. He dreamed and was so stuck on the idea of creating these a quality beer so the world could taste his creations. (Hence the meaning of the word Indio!)

Indio opened it's doors to the world in July 2019 right before the pandemic of 2020. Sugar Hill community supported Indio through and through in the tough times allowing the brewery to thrive.

The pride and passion is tasted with every glass weaving in the hispanic heritage in many of his beers. So cheers! This one is to you for helping us have a wonderful spring 2023. To many many more. Much love, Jonathan.

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