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Bienvenidos! Indio Brewing Co. is a husband and wife owned microbrewery. Jonathan started brewing in his kitchen 6 years ago. As you can imagine, sharing their cooking space didn’t work out too well. His wife, Betsy, encouraged Jonathan to build his own space. One thing led to another, and now they own a brewery! It’s not exactly what Betsy meant when she said, "get your own room" but hey, it’s working out pretty well. 

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Location & Hours

5019 West Broad Street M145. Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday & Wednesday: 5PM - 10PM

Thursday: 5PM - 11PM

Friday: 3PM - 12AM

Saturday: 12PM - 1230AM

Sunday: 1PM - 8PM

call us! (678) 206- 3700

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